Irrigation Repair & Maintenance Services by Experts

At Rainwagon Irrigation, you can get top-rated maintenance services from professionals. Check out our services mentioned below:

Rainwagon Irrigation
  • Design and full installations
  • Winterization
  • Rain Bird irrigation systems
  • Spring start-up and landscaping
  • General maintenance and repair
  • Replacing pump systems
  • Outdoor lighting services
  • Backflow testing
Rainwagon Irrigation
Rainwagon Irrigation

Gold Star Contractors for Rain Bird

With years of experience, we are considered Gold Star Contractor for Rain Bird. Our experts install the Rain Bird system to provide the required amount of water to your landscape areas. Our well-planned irrigation system enhances your property's value and lets you enjoy the benefits. Please make a wise investment and choose us as your irrigation contractor.

Well-planned Irrigation System

We custom-tailor an Automatic Sprinkler System to meet specific landscaping needs. Our professional irrigation contractors evaluate water source, water pressure, soil type, planting material, and weather conditions to ensure healthy lush growth. Our irrigation contractors come up with unique water solutions for different irrigation methods. Further more, we conserve water and allow you to customize water delivery according to plant types.

You should install a customized irrigation system, as shady areas do not need much water as sunny areas. Our easy-to-set controllers have multiple, independent programs that ensure all areas of your yard receive optimal levels of water.

Rainwagon Irrigation
Rainwagon Irrigation

Soil Types

At Rainwagon Irrigation, our professionals analyze the soil types, corners, hard-to-reach areas, and fluctuations in water pressure. However, the Rain Bird System is designed to handle different irrigation challenges.

Professional Contractors

Please connect with Rainwagon Irrigation for sprinkler installation, landscaping, Rain Bird maintenance, and other relevant services. Our irrigation services are designed for YOU by professional contractors covering South Charlotte, Lake Wylie, Rock Hill, and York County area. 

Rainwagon Irrigation